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Tips to beat phone and email clutter

On my quest to finding some sort of organisation in my life I have been itching to find more things that I can further fine tune now that I Kon-mari’d my house, I want to make whatever I am doing suit my life better.In the last blog post I talked about decluttering the mind as well as the home and my new found love for Bullet journaling. (Still love by the way)  

This style of task management and the  Kon-Mari method has had a profound effect on me and has spurred me on to clear all kinds of clutter from my life. Including my phone, after all, we have our phones with us pretty much all day and is like another little home if you like.

Can you Kon – Mari your mobile phone??

Heck, yeah you can! The main principle of The Mari Kondo method is ‘Does the item bring you joy’ if not remove it. I took this main concept and rolled with it!

Here are my quick tips

  1. Clear out the CR-APP Do you really need all those apps and those photo editing apps, angry birds and the oh so famous knock offs of flappy birds? Streamline your apps make them work for you.
  2. Clear email clutter. This is..well was ( now I have Kon-mari’d my phone up) was always a source of uneasiness. I had hundreds of unread emails just lurking in my inbox screaming FILE/DELETE me please!  So that’s what I did. I blocked off some time in the day and tackled the task. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be,  half of them could be mass deleted as they were promotions from companies that have been sent over the past months. Things that were important got filed into folders. I deleted previous versions of emails and kept the very last one.  Hands up who is guilty of keeping all the reams of email conversations even though they appear after each one when you hit reply?
  3. Make sure you sync your email across all devices, this will save you so much time and trouble. Whichever device you are on you can delete and or file.  Then you can be assured  that the change is happening everywhere.
  4. File/action/ trash emails straight away, don’t read and leave them in your inbox to build up (this was my major habit) This is the same system I have implemented in my physical mail that we receive through the door each day, it has worked in keeping all the paper clutter at bay. Everyone is different and depends on the sheer amount of emails they receive, but I like to quickly read and sort through emails as they come through unless it’s something that requires a lengthy reply then I will add to my bullet journal and task later. If you are someone who tends to go off on a tangent then set a specific time of the day when you can go through your emails and sort them. Remember file or delete never leave it sitting there unless of course requires action soon though. If done right you should only have a few in your inbox to action.
  5. Take an email detox take this time to unsubscribe to emails you no longer need. These are mostly emails that never get read and are sent to the trash every single time they arrive.
  6. Sort apps and emails into folders. Make them easy to find and group ( don’t you have to be sifting through loads of apps like where’s wally.
  7. Turn off notifications to social media apps they just clutter up the phone. Most people probably check social media often enough to not miss anything. Especially turn them off  when you are doing something important. I personally don’t have the Facebook app downloaded on my phone it’s very distracting it’s a lot less tempting for me to use the Web browser version. I rarely check it.
  8. Move important photos to a hard drive and set your pics to auto backup with a cloud system like DropBox/ ICloud/Google Drive whatever you like to use.
A Mr & Mrs Life beat phone and email clutter
My landing phone page is clear, my app page is organised into categories like this

Make the apps and your email work for you. It’s a lil window to a part of your mind and that does not need any more cluttering. You will feel less anxious, find emails quickly and chase important tasks quicker. Your devices will thank you and free up memory I am sure.

When in Rome… clean up your other devices as well.

I recently have become the delightful owner of an Apple Mac Book Pro and in preparation in moving from Windows to Mac I re-evaluated how I can get all my devices to work better for me and more seamlessly together. My old laptop was full to the brim of pictures and documents scattered everywhere which made my device sluggish and well if you need a file while you were out then you are stuffed. Don’t mention the endless different edits of documents I have on my computer. I also didn’t want to shell out on any new software because of making the move. So in preparation I have been moving things that I am currently working on to the cloud systems.  I have used these systems before but was kind of lackluster with it. I get set in my ways and couldn’t let go of Windows Office.  Moving over to Mac I am deciding to embrace the changes and work in a new way and I am really starting to love it.

My top computing tips

  1. Utilise the free software resources  Google is your friend use it to keep your ducks all lined in a row,  important stuff back up on a hard drive So anything sensitive maybe don’t keep it on there. Get on board with cloud systems and make them work for you. They have made integration so seamless with nearly all devices even web browsers so it’s easy to share file with them quickly and efficiently. I am what’s called a loyal customer. It can be very difficult to shake me off once you have me -you got me-  and won’t stray lol. As an avid windows user … I was locked in with their format and filling my own hardware with reams of copies everywhere. Well you know what I am using Google Docs right now I am writing part of this blog post at 5am on my phone as it was in my mind I got it down in the morning. I know when I wake up it’s going to there across all my devices ready to edit not a sign of a laptop in sight. Start scheduling weekly/monthly backups of, laptop,phone and even websites if you have them Go Daddy for example have auto backup service for a few pounds.
  2. Keep your desktop clear file things it and keep them in folders its more easy on the eye and less subliminal stress when things are filed. You will be able to see you pretty desktop picture to. 
  3. Get and external hard drive or load files the cloud systems. I have a habit of dropping files on to the desktop for quick access but utilising cloud system properly Not sold on the idea of uploading all files to a cloud?  Then this is a great option for you.
beat email and phone clutter a mr and mrs life
I use a Toshiba Hard drive I think its about 1TB

Beat phone and email clutter

Still  working on a system to tackle the many photos than have amassed over the years let’s face it we love to take pics but who wants 10 thousands pics to sift through not me.  I would much rather look at the special moments. We will be on a mission to find all the Sd cards we have and actually print some pictures-no one prints their pictures anymore.

My Top favourite phone and computer apps

These are the  apps I use daily, pretty much everyone has these apps but if you are like me then really severely under using  them they have so much potential to make your life a lot easy.

  • Google keep & One note: Some like Evernote  I like to use these for note taking when I am on my devices and it’s far too long to write out. I don’t like using favorites in the web browser so I file things using the note taker
  • Audible: I love reading but sometimes it’s hard to actually sit down ad read and this reads for you so you can get on with what you’re doing and just listen. We have been learning Spanish on here and it’s been really effective.
  • Kindle: Books on the go relives the clutter in the house
  • Pinterest: If I am looking for inspiration I tend to search here
  • Fabulous: Good app that helps with habit making they have cool info to share on how to achieve better habits
  • Gmail: Syncs all my mail on my phone.
  • Google drive:  I keep files on here very handy has cool apps like google docs to create documents on to.
  • My calendar ( menstrual tracker I know exactly what day it arrives)
  • Shazzam: If  hear a song I like I Shazzam it and instantly know its name
  • Spotify: Stream my music
  • Chrome: My favourite web browser

I do love a gadget or two and love to learn about them often if you feel like you aren’t quite up for figuring these things out on your own yet. Youtube is your friend. When something is beyond your grasp Youtube has tutorials on everything. Currently enjoying the free tutorials on basically mac for dummies lol

Since freeing my phone/devices of clutter  I feel so much more in control of my inbox and my devices . They work better for me and fit in with my lifestyle one of our goals is to have the devices working better for us using them as tools to develop learn and create more instead of brain dummy devices. Technology is great if you use it wisely.

Hope you all found this blog post helpful,  if you find it useful or know of any cool apps you think we would enjoy let me know in the comments below.

Have a blessed day


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  1. February 1, 2016 / 11:24 pm

    The paper clutter is endless! As is the e-mail. I’m going to give these tips a go.

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