Tips for waking up at 5.30am to workout|What I wear to the gym

I am notorious for not waking up early and being a night owl! So setting myself the task to get up for 5.30am, I thought was going to be a really tough task. You know what, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Here are my top tips for waking up at 5.30am to workout.

Have a good night time routine

Creatively,  most of my ideas come at night. Over the years I had trained myself to be a night owl, but as I get older staying awake till the early hours of the morning just doesn’t work for me anymore even though it is when I am the most creative.  So, if you want to practice getting up early you have to start with a good night time routine and get to bed earlier so you are rested and ready for the morning.  If you are not quite sure how to reset your bedtime, check out my previous blog post here.

Have all your stuff ready

Make sure you have all your gym wear ready to go, down to the socks, your keys, coat, everything!  If you are 100% ready to run out the door you are going to make it a lot easier for yourself

Jump straight out of bed

Sounds easier said than done, but try not to set multiple alarms on your phone it will only lead to you trying to convince yourself you don’t want to get out of bed. Instead, jump straight out of bed on the first alarm and get to it and have a drink of water.


Drink water

Drink some water to wake up your system and rehydrate from your long nights sleep.

Have a plan

Having a workout plan set up will make it easier to stay committed and you will be more efficient with your time. You are more likely to get your workout done quickly and get out! If you don’t like working out alone,  try one of the early morning classes they may have or arrange a workout partner to meet with you.

Fill your belly the night before

As you are going to be getting up earlier depending on your schedule and the type of workout you have planned you may not have time to eat. I certainly don’t so I make sure that I have a good last meal the day before so I am not overly hungry in the morning.

Set a fitness goal!

Lastly, you are more inclined to be motivated to get up that early if you have a reason and goal you want to achieve. If you don’t have one you will quickly find you may lose the drive to keep getting up so early in the morning. so set yaself a goal hunni!


What I wear to the gym

I have always said that, if you are going to workout you may as well look cute, but above all, you have to be comfortable.

I normally wear what I am wearing in the pictures below or something similar like jogging pants or an oversized hoodie. As I go early in the morning now I don’t tend to wear makeup or earrings.  Gym musts for me are a hat, gloves, comfy trainers (trainers shown in picture are Adidas Ultra boost Atr), headphones and workout gear that will make me feel confident.

My leggings, top and hoodie are all from Gym Shark I have tried a lot of workout clothes before and these seem to be the best at supporting and pulling in my mummy tummy as they are very high waisted. It also makes your shape a bit more smoothed out, it was a reasonable price for workout gear so would definitely buy more in the future.


Fit Accessories

Recently I just purchased a  Garmin Vivasmart 4 fitness tracker and I have been loving it.  As I work from home, I sit down a lot and recently discovered my resting heart rate is pretty bad.  So I got this to keep tabs on intensity during workouts and generally motivate me to keep moving throughout the day as it has a step counter and measures heart rate. It can track your sleeping pattern and the accompanying app has a ton of data it collects thru out the day to motivate you.  I will keep you posted on how I am finding it.

My metal tumbler is from Amazon my intake on water is pretty bad and I personally find drinking out of cups just doesn’t really motivate me to drink.  Drinking from a straw tumbler has really increased my water intake 3 fold, so happy I purchased this one as I love all black everything and didn’t realise at the time but it is a thermal one so it can  hold both hot and cold  drinks


Are you an AM or PM workout kind of person? Would you wake up at 5.30am to workout? why not give it a go.



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