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Setting the tone with your kids


This is a first….. my two children playing TOGETHER with play dough. Normally we only bring out the magic dough when lil mr workout is asleep so lil miss can play in peace.

You see our son has a very fiery spirit he is still so young so and communication is not his strong point. This mainly leads to him to not listening to instruction very well, taking his sisters toys, crying fits on occasion.

Being honest these past two years with this boy have been blessed but a struggle to. We were a little spoilt with lil Miss she learnt to speak very quickly so communicating with her and getting her to listen was a breeze.

Starting two business straight after the second baby didn’t help either, my daughter had the luxury of my full attention. We did lots of activities and things for her were generally thought out and planned out.

So….as I was saying communicating with him successfully has been a little tough  which would leave me losing my patience with him quickly because I hadn’t been used to it. Left me feeling like I was doing something wrong and sometimes like my son was doing it on purpose and he didn’t like me. Of course I know/knew this isn’t the case but when you are tired, fustrated and brain cells are fried its can be quite easy to make yourself belive it. To give an example at dinner times he would refuse to let me feed him.?

Theses past few week have been so much better, he is turning a page…or maybe I am.

I have always had some pretty strong ideas on what kind of mother I wanted to be….but when you are in the thick of it and you for some reason try create a business whilst being a Stay At Home a Mother to two kids under 4 (at present) you loose site of those goals pretty quickly lol. Very easy to feel like you are in the midst of a mad house.

Being short tempered with your kids happens to everyone even the best of them….right?

But I have been increasingly become aware or reaffirming the importance of my role as nurturer. I am extremely lucky to be able to look after my kids full time some people can’t afford this. So I take my role seriously My job is bring up well rounded individuals and the way in which we in talk to our children can become their inner voice.

So have been changing my approach to one of a more understand one for my lil boy. He is 2! Each child is different and children will often lack emotional and communication skills at this age. My job is to teach them to get in control of these areas.  Examples, have been being clear what I want or need him to do while mummy is working or doing housework previous approaches were setting them down to watch TV with no explanation hadn’t proved the best. Teaching him the importance of sibling love and respect. I now get on on his level to talk him face to face instead of being a giant adult waving my finger at him. More often than not the more we shout the more he will shout and worst he got/gets and  I certainly don’t want an angry lil boy as his inner voice.

Since this new approach they have both been so much more responsive as I type my daughter began packing and putting away all her play dough sweeping the floor and putting her toys away, without me having to ask at all!  ?

Still figuring out how to teach them to play with each better but its a work in progress today was mini success they sat down to played with the dough and respected each others space. I normally avoid them playing messy activities like that together get but I realise you  can’t teach them that way as they will never develop the skills to deal with sharing.


What are some ways you help your kids to learn to share with each other? We would love to know. There isn’t a guide book to parenting but in sharing experiences we can make it a little easier.

Have a blessed day.

Mrs Workout


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