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On your quest for fit-remember your kids are watching!


My darling children

Friday thoughts,

As I put on my makeup, Lil miss workout sits beside me and watches me put on my makeup. I see her concentration on her face, she asked me ‘can I put that on my face?’ it made me pause and I proceed to tell her ‘baby you are beautiful just the way you are, you don’t need makeup’

The culture today sees people taking endless selfies, constantly glued to their phone with a lack luster for real friendships, people rushing to the phone to status update and sharing images and videos of people doing countless stupid things to social media to be famous and go viral. Is this just how the world is now, what impression does this leave on our kids?

We are raising future kings and queens, their minds are so impressionable, after all children learn by copying. We are quick to blame media for it impressionable role but maybe should we be looking closer to home?

It leads me to think about the world and fitness, to all those out there with children or impressionable kids in their lives nieces, nephews, god children and the like.

Maybe we should stop and think about how we are perceived by our kids on our quest for to get fit, Sure its absolutely important for your kids to see you participating in healthy activities to keep kit but are you that person that walks by a mirror and looks at them self in self-loathing because you hate (insert body part) you have that just can’t seem to get sorted. Remember your daughter/son is in the background watching you analysing you, wondering why mummy is pointing at her tummy with a sombre look/crying, what have you. What impression does give to them, it’s teaching them that when you look in the mirror perhaps they shouldn’t like what they see or women think low of them self perhaps I am meant to also. It’s the same for constant selfie taking what does the child perceive this as? Perhaps when I grow up I should only be concerned with my image?!

Sure I want to get fit to look and feel healthy but one of, my main motivations for trying to stay fit is so my body can function at its best and so I can stay healthy for my kids. Try not to view getting fit from a stand point of self-loathing or because you want to attract a mate.

Don’t get me wrong I like to take a selfie or two but will be taking far less from now, and same goes for looking in the mirror analysing body parts. I am going to be carefully of my audience- my kids! We keep saying media need think who’s watching, but who is in control of your future king and queens lives- you are! You control what they are exposed to yes media is to blame but we can make a start with ourselves in the home and not perhaps thinking about the little things that get overlooked that can have a lasting impression on our kids.

Don’t get me wrong this is not a wagging my finger, look at me I am amazing post. There is no rule to parenting or rule to getting fit. I have made a ton of mistakes and I am sure I will make more but along the way we can make corrections and sometimes It helps when there is someone to point them out.


Have a blessed day all

Mrs Workout


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