My New Minimalist Handbag


Trying to be more conscious with my purchases and was due to a new handbag so trying out vegan handbag designer JW Pei .

I still have a few leather products that I had from years ago but definitely, don’t want to be adding anything else leather to my collection,  so high-quality alternatives are what I’m after.

I purchased 2 styles the black Fiona bag and the black flap wallet. After two kids and lugging around multiple bags and a huge baby bag, I am now a minimalist when it comes to handbags. Now I don’t have to carry nappies, wipes and milk, so for me, these bags are ideal. They are small and compact but hold what I need it to.


Really happy with my purchase. The Fiona bag fits my large purse snugly and the Wallet handbag fits my phone and lip gloss with ease. Perfect when I am just heading out for quick pit stop or on a night out and want my hands free.

What do you think about the idea of Vegan Leather? If you have been wanting to try something try a vegan brand out try JW Pei, they have lots of luxe bags that are made in an ethical factory. ( You can see them working in the factory on their website too)





This post has not sponsored all items were purchased on my own accord.

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