My favourite head wrap style


A head wrap is one of my most treasured items in my wardrobe arsenal especially as the school run mornings have to be quick and I don’t have time to make sure my hair is right or haven’t had a trip to the barbers in a while.

A lot say to me they can’t figure out how to tie their wraps. The beauty of head wrapping is any style goes. Get yourself a head wrap and try out lots of things and see what works for you. Something not to stiff is good so you can move it around where you want but stiff can work too depending on the style you want. I personally buy @thewraplife head wraps ( I don’t work for them I just love their quality and subtle colours )

1. Start with the fabric at the back of the head
2. Make sure your whole head isn’t covered and there is a little hole peaking thru.
3.Tie about 2/3 knots (as video)
4. Once you wrap is securely on your head you should be left with 2 pieces. Push the shortest piece thru the small hole you left
5. Make sure there is no hair showing if that’s what you want.
6. The longest piece is now free for you to add on top. You can fan it out or move it around to get it how you want.

Happy Wrapping.

Outfit deets
Head wrap @thewraplife style Noire
Cashmere sweater @boden_clothing #gifted
Necklace @aweatheredpenny gifted


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