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How to keep your children’s room tidy

How to keep your children’s room tidy… I know right you must be thinking this is impossible or the answer is ‘just go around picking up after them every 5 minutes.’  If you have read our previous few blog posts you will know I have a new found love of organisation and have implemented the Kon-Mari method into keeping the house clean.

 When you become a tidy freak or have always been one, you have probably watched each family member go around the house with one of your eyes twitching thinking ‘are going to put the item back in the place where it came from?’ Of course they didn’t and you probably went around cursing under your breath and picked everything up yourself.  My children are under 5 years old so its a bit much for them to understand how to clean things properly, you can probably imagine the mess their rooms get in sometimes. I have tried cleaning up after them and tried embracing the mess and letting it be but have found to get the whole family involved in keeping the house tidy is the happy medium. Here are some tips to help keep your kids rooms tidy.

Be a good example

Your kids are always watching, while they may not get the fundaments of tidying just yet they are soaking all of what you do in passively. If you want to keep your children’s room tidy you need to to set a good example by keeping the house tidy and your things organised.  Not always a given, how many times did your parents say to you when you were young. ‘Do as I say and not as I do’ lol  If you want them to be all about that life you have to be to.

Get your kids involved

Kids will never understand the importance of keeping their room tidy if you keep clearing up after them. Get your kids involved  in the process. Implement systems and consequences. We have just implemented a new system called the ‘Princess and Prince Club’  where they earn royalty points to become a full fledge Prince and Princess. Our kids had a total different upbringing to us and have access to so many things we didn’t.  It has become a habit for our kids to think they are entitled to things without earning it. So they now have to earn their title of Prince and Princess.  Lil miss is so excited at the thought of this, she was super excited at the statement, ‘Exclusive access to toys and trips out’ marketing words really work lol. Included in their training will be learning about being responsible, showing appreciation for their own things, cleanliness and hygiene amongst other things of course.


Declutter and do it regularly

When we did the first Kon-Mari clear out we did a little bit of the toys but we never really truly tackled it thoroughly.  Kids get toys from family members at holidays and birthdays, sit down with your kids and sort through things once in a while. What do they want to keep and why. It’s a great time to teach them about sharing and appreciating what they have. We also discussed giving toys away to others that may need it as some kids don’t have as much as them.  Lil miss is a bit of a hoarder and if up to her she would keep every lil bit of scrap paper. So if your child is anything like mine, some gentle persuasion may be in order.  Keep the things that they love to play, every kid has a few toys, books and clothes they don’t touch for months on months…if so its time to let them go. Read through my original post about decluttering to see how I keep their clothes in order.


Get organised

Cheap smaller storage boxes are your friends, my previous mistake was having one large box to put it all their things in.  This just made a bigger mess as they could never ever fit things in there due to the lack of organisation which lead in turn to a lot more tablet playing and less imaginative play with their toys. They could never get their toys in the box to see what to play with.  Their smaller toys are sorted into smaller boxes with clear labels for easy sorting that they can do them self. We still have on Ikea DIY job left to do ( total cost under £5) to add some movable storage on the wall for their really small fiddly toys. Who invented Shopkins!!!!

Leave space

If you have decluttered well enough there should be a good amount of space to move around. The key to keeping your kids room clean is not to over stuff it with things. Keep it simple. Now you have decluttered don’t go back and fill with lots of new stuff. Kids need space to play and to actually see what they have.



Taking the kids food shopping with us can often be a mistake, they often come back with magazines and toys to add to their pile. Buy less things… they probably have a lot of the same at home we are trying to teach them to enjoy what they already have.  Anything new has to be earned via their royalty points.


Kids love to explore, you have to let them make a little mess to learn. Embrace and watch in amazement the wonders of the human mind and their capacity to learn. You cannot micro-manage children playing, so let them do it and teach them the importance of cleaning up after themselves. If your kids are a lot younger its probably a good idea to clean up as you go and put some things back before getting out another as you could face a dreaded clean up on your own. As they get older encourage them to clean up on their own accord.  The last tip is a daily thing practised by all parents…. have patience!  No system is perfect and from to time, it may need a little adjusting. They may not get it at first or even want to but if you keep up with it and be consistent they will catch on.  Finding homes for everything and building routines is a sure fire way to get your kids on the right track.

Do you have any great hacks that you have found useful in keeping your children’s room clean? Let me know in the comments



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