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Declutter your home & mind


If you follow us on Instagram you will have seen the recent posts about decluttering your home and mind both of us have never been … really.. throws quote fingers up sarcastically” Domestic goddesses” We have been with each other since the age of 18  and we have pretty much been inseparable since then. So living in one room with each other from university/college/work life we have naturally accumulated a lot of things. We didn’t always have the best ethics in letting things go, as we have grown older and had children old habits did not die and we didn’t quite figure how to be tidy adults yet lol.

Being a household of four with two small kids, it’s tough to keep it clean. That feeling of constantly being stressed at the thought of a guest popping by unannounced as there were sure to be lots of paper floating everywhere, toys scattered, we would find ourselves rushing to tidy. Having that inadequate feeling when we saw others perfect homes left us perplexed as to what we were doing wrong.  Sure some find it incredibly easy to keep organised and be tidy but we are just not that way inclined so we needed an overhaul to kick start us.  We don’t or shall I say didn’t really have much structure to how we did things, tasks got done as and when we remembered/needed.

DE-CLUTTER the mind

The first task was to sort out all my tasks that were swirling in my head that were making me  feel annoyed and being ignored. I  am a lover of stationary and cool apps and have tried many apps and phone calendar scheduling to try and organise the both us but it never ever stuck. It was a case of the novelty wore off in a few days or the annoying phone reminders kept getting snoozed and nothing was really getting done. I/ we needed structure….so finally fed up with all the current systems and I say systems very loosely not working in our house. I found the system of bullet journaling.  Which lead me to the home organising system of KonMari (more on this later.)

What is a bullet Jornal?

A bullet journal is a customisable journal system, where it is used to log things like to do lists,  your notebook, journal, sketches… whatever you like really. You can make it as basic or as detailed as you like. You can get creative with it and have fun and doodle to your heart’s content.

Some Instagram Bullet journal inspiration

Watch the video below to see the basics on how to get started.

Since starting my bullet journal, I have literally smashed all my goals for this month. Previously had been doing things off the cuff not making much progress and feeling deflated when I felt like I wasn’t achieving. I mainly use it as my main To Do List but also use it for positive affirmations and do little doodles for relaxation and fun.  Its a great accompaniment to the journals I purchased from Daily Greatness Journal for my birthday,  which I have been finding really useful to set goals with.

….Benefits of the bullet journal system

  • Quick and simple way to log things- no need to make sure things are synced to lots of different apps.
  • A great way to do away with the electronic life and get back to the good old-fashioned pen and paper.
  • A great way to take a load off your mind and organise your thoughts.
  • Things are indexed so you can easily go back and look up what you have done.
  • It’s customisable you are not bound by rigid page sections of a traditional journal, there are no cramming tasks into the tiny space they allocate for you. It’s a blank page you can design it exactly to your personality. Don’t want the fuss of pretty stuff on your page to take it out…make it how you need it and to include exactly what you need for that day. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, write a list of gratitude… remind yourself to read that book… give your partner a kiss.. schedule doctors appointment.. you name it.


  • It’s not an app…no, and unfortunately, it’s not digital so you cannot sync it with your every device, so there is no backup system so be careful where you place it, you don’t want it to get lost.
  • You have to be consistent, open it up every day and write it down….so some thought is required.

Here are a few pages from my personal bullet journal. I use a leuchtrum dotted A5 notebook




Feeling super organised and accomplished with my to-do lists, it was now time to tackle the other areas that were cluttering our mind…. and that was our home. Sure we know how to tidy and we have done many big tidy ups before but that ever dreaded mess would always return. It was always surface mess and things never seemed to be put away …or they were put away and they just never seemed to look tidy.  Searching the bullet journal hashtag I came across KonMari. I had seen neat obsessed pictures of people’s perfectly folded clothes before but something about the name made me look further. After all, I was searching for something to help us get out of this rut..

What is the KonMari method?

It’s a minimalist approach to de-cluttering your home by Marie Kondo a Japanese organising consultant and author. She has written four books on organising and is what you call an organising guru. Read her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever to find a more detailed guide to the KonMari Method.

The main premise of the KonMari method is…


If an item in your home doesn’t spark joy then it’s time for the item to move on and certainly out of the home, but not just that it’s about finding a new found love and appreciation for the things you already do have-treating them with respect and giving it a dedicated space in your home.

With that in mind, I set about de-cluttering the house.. starting with an overhaul on our clothes, there were too many items in all of our wardrobes that we didn’t wear and were just taking up space. Things were jammed packed in our draws… after reading the book, I too now have become a folding freak. Granted the folding isn’t exactly as neat as I like but I’m getting there. Rome wasn’t built in a day people.

Everything has a home…

Previously things didn’t and that way surface mess quickly came back. It seems a simple thing but not always easy to execute. The new system of ‘does the item spark joy’ gets rid of unnecessary things.  We held on to far too much paper and items because we thought we would need it, low and behold 3 years later items were still going untouched. Making sure things go back to their rightful home at the end of the day has saved us, things are neatly organised and easy to see, No sifting through madness, putting it back is as easy as getting it out. Above all the main motto’s I can say for us now is.. ‘where is its home- where does it belong’ and ‘do it straight away’.

Each room is on its way to being ‘about that minimal life’.. surfaces have only what they need out and are clutter free.The kid’s toys are all in their bedrooms in dedicated toy boxes, with a small selection of small toy bricks downstairs that are always put back in our sideboard once done. Kitchen surfaces are tidied throughout the day putting things back where we get it from and a quick clean up before bed…. not always doable but nothing a quick tidy up in the morning won’t fix. I am pretty much anti-everything kitchen haha but it’s getting a lot more manageable. Paper is dealt with straight away.. does it need to be thrown out/recycled,  does it need filing or does it need action? Clothes are washed, dried and put away vertically in the same day. It’s much more manageable to do smaller loads than having piles of clothes everywhere that needs to be put away.

Organise by category not location

Another thing that helps keeps things at bay and all organised is her tip to organise a category all at once and not do it by room. I.e get all your books or clothes out and then organise not tidy each room as you go. This way you can quickly find if you have duplicates and unnecessary things in the wrong place. How many times have you found you have literally near enough two of the same items but in different places.

After all that organising, go to your zen PLACE…

One thing that has been instrumental in my bullet journaling and home organising is my home office. This was the first room to get organised. Having a little calm area away from everything else really helps to get things done and think about what tasks I want to achieve.  I would seriously recommend setting an area in your home that can be your hub for action planning. I get most of my work done here, sort through mail straight away here, my home sweet office.

The two new systems have my mind so light, things that I have put off for months have now got done, things organised in an easy fashion, fewer arguments with the Mr about where his favuorite gym top is. He loves that a top he has worn is washed and folded and put back in the same place in the wardrobe where he found it in little over a day. It’s sparking a new joy in our relationship as it’s one less thing to be annoyed about with each other. My killer to do lists is even sparking him to do much of the same. The kids are even getting the folding bug and lil miss is often trying to show me how neatly she folds.

It would be presumptuous to say we are completely healed in clutter making, but we are getting there and things are a lot easier. These systems seem to be sticking for us? Have you tried any of the methods above or have any killer systems in place already. Have you been tidy from birth lol we would love to know?

Have a blessed, tidy and organised day







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