Daring All White Outfits This Summer?

If you know me then you know black and muted tones for outfits is my safe place. This Summer I am doing away with all black in favour of some white and lighter muted tones. Tis the season for it, right? I have always loved fashion, from an early age I knew it was something I wanted to incorporate in my life on a daily basis.  Having kids though I do feel I lost my way a bit and there were a good few years I felt like I didn’t know how to dress and what suited me. Understandably being a new mother feeling fashionable is the furthest thing on your mind well it was for me anyway.  This last year I feel like I have found my fashion self again and I’m ready to try something new.


All black has been my uniform for so many years especially when scrambling to get out the door for the school run. However, I am daring all-white outfits more this Spring/Summer in efforts to brighten up my neutrals wardrobe.

Wearing white isn’t as difficult as you think. I found if I follow a few simple rules I can get away with it, even with kids. It’ still a little chilly here at the start of Spring so I opted for my favourite jumper silhouette (balloon sleeve) with straight leg jeans and a linen blazer for my outfit today. Layering is key at the beginning of Spring. Here are the full outfit deets from today.

Linen structured Blazer: Mango
Jumper: Gant gifted to me ( If you are a Gant lover see the end of the post to nab your self a fab discount)
Jeans: Topshop
Hat: Amazon Fashion 
Shoes Asos
Earrings Maroon Dawta

My personal tips for wearing white


1. Sometimes complete stark white is too much! Go for an off white/ ecru it’s much easier on the eye

2. If you want to try full white pick items that can handle a good wash. Some jumpers can be tricky to wash often having handwash on the care label but my sweater ( pictured above) can be washed on 40 in the washing machine. Whoop! Much easier to clean and keep looking fab.

3. Do some mini planning and check that weather. If it’s going to be a day with some light showers, do yourself a favour trust me and put those white items away. Nothing worse than a someone walking in front of you and some muddy rainwater splashes on your trousers!

4. Don’t be afraid to wear white in fear of getting it dirty but do take caution, don’t suddenly decide to eat beetroot for lunch or cook a fry up.

5. Spot clean, getting a few marks on your clothes is inevitable, as soon as I notice a mark I take care of it straight away.  I normally use some of my wool machine wash which is gentle and dab a tissue with water and blot the offending mark out. If it’s a big stain I pretreat immediately with water and detergent and wash the item straight away.  I never ever let the stain sit on my clothes.

6. Add a splash of colour to break up the white, colour for me is beige, haha but if you love colour go crazy white pretty much goes with everything.


Do you rock white on a regular basis or is it a strict no-no for you?  Any more tips when wearing white how do you keep your white items white?




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