Change your perspective!

Because sometimes life is upside down like a handstand I work on it daily.
I have insecurities-I have a little too many treats sometimes – I’ve missed workouts- Some days I feel down- I love my family, my source of my happiness and both my madness sometimes lol. I am far from perfect or a super mother but I honestly do practice the things I say as best I can.We are all strikingly the same, more than you know but what I choose to do and what can make you different from another…. is how you choose to deal with negative that comes your way.
I choose not not dwell in the negativity
I choose to be a positive person
I choose to count my blessings first in stead of focus of the negatives.
I choose to make a change

Reality is there is always someone who is worse off and wishes they were in your shoes so be thankful today.
Rules I practice daily/ weekly- My formula for positivity. My mantra, what gives me my mojo, etc etc lol

Love the skin you’re in/ love your body
Get some muscle
Dress to impress
Dress for success
Practice confidence/positive self talk (See my previous posts)

Are you that person who is always focusing on the bad in my life? Im too fat, too thin, I don’t have, its not fair because…fill in the blank. Change your perspective!
Blessings and positive vibrations today fit fam



Have a blessed day




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  1. April 7, 2015 / 5:08 pm

    Great post. If we set on a path of negativity, it will consume us. It seems crazy to eradicate all negative thoughts, but ridding of them as soon as they come in is a great therapy and keeps us positive and motivated!

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