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A week on…and some reflection on my time with my kids being at school full time.

Having time to myself…I mean real time not just an hour or so..has shown me when you have kids you can feel like you loose yourself a lil…only you aren’t quite aware of it.

Kids are a joy  of course but mothers put themselves on the back burner and forget about their own joy/sanity for the love of their kids. It would be all well and good to write a fancy post about balance and say… make sure you get in time for everything you love yada yada….Instead I say to you busy tired mummy who feels like they should be doing more… Having balance doesn’t mean everything has equal footing, somethings will take up more or your time than others you can’t be amazing at everything you can’t do everything! You will find time to do things you love again but for now just focus on a few things that bring you joy/bring you sanity… I have managed to get to the gym 3 times in the row.. previously I beat myself up mentally for not going and focusing all my time on art… heck my house is even more tidy… I realise now it was impossible for me to even attempt to do it all I simply just didn’t have the time…now I have gained some time back I can get a bit more in.
Stay at home mums give yourself a break. time is important factor in all ways.
Have a blessed week ❤

Cassie xoxo


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