Let it go

Many of you may be wondering, where have I gone?  So I am writing a post because I like to write and get things down on paper (well computer screen) otherwise they are floating around in my head and they just keep floating around in my head and won’t go away. Much like when you go to bed and you think of a million and one things before going to sleep except mine is all day Hehe


Ideal blog writing scenario

Ok so picture me typing Doogie Howsy style right now (can you remember that show?) actually scratch that Carrie Bradshaw style by a beautiful picturesque window, typing and pondering my ever so brilliant thoughts in beautifully crafted designer heels and some thoughtfully put together outfit. (I miss that show) Actually scratch that you know I am all about the real. Really I’m typing on my HP laptop in quickly put together outfit (because it was clean) in my living area facing a wall trying to type ever so quietly while my adventurous 10 month old sleeps and my little princess is at nursery trying to get few moments peace and quite while avoiding that pile of dishes and pile of clothes that needs folding. What my reality looks like when trying to create a blog post of my jumbled thoughts, nowhere near as glamorous hehe.


Family fun at a recent trip to Peppa Pig world

What have I been doing in my time away. Enjoying my life, my children, my husband, my family and learning. Sometimes every now again you need to take a break, take a break from things that make you miss out on true beauty the beauty and wonder right in front of your face not through a phone/computer screen.


Another thing I have been doing is practising ‘letting it go’. No not that annoyingly catch song from Disney’s Frozen, no I’ve been letting things go from mind and body.

I have had a good old break from weight training as I said in my previous post on Instagram I want to train smarter not harder, so I think my body deserved a well-earned rest. I am always always always trying to improve on my knowledge to be the best trainer I can be so I can train optimally and get the best out of the workout for me and my clients. Actually not just for that fact alone, so my kids  and  especially can learn from me and not have to go through some of the annoying women’s problems we go through had we been taught correctly. For me that  has included learning more about optimal posture/alignment, more walks more stretching, more focus on proper core activation and more barefoot walking around. Will be back to weight training this week as I think my gym has got to be missing me, stretching and strengthening the whole body is important guys no one main area should be your focus it’s a balance of it all.

I have also been letting go of my tummy, ‘huh’ I can imagine you’re saying. Working on proper core activation I have noticed that I constantly walked around with my tummy muscles tighten actually not only walking around but even when sitting and I had to consciously say to myself’ let go of my tummy’. You’re probably thinking isn’t it good to keep your tummy clenched 24/7? Well, no! For your muscles/ body to work optimally your muscles need to be able to relax and tighten properly something that is rare in the modern-day from lack of movement and office jobs and serial TV watching etc. A muscle that is too tight (kept at a tension all the time) is only shortening the muscle and it cannot function to its best of its ability. I could go into a more in-depth science version but it good to keep things simple but Google is amazing thing if you want to learn more about your body. Keeping my tummy tight all time will only cause more dysfunction, letting my tummy go will relieve my core of the constant pressure on my core and allow for better core activation when it’s actually time for it do some real work. Now listen up working your core doesn’t just mean throwing in some ab crunches or planks daily, it’s much more than that, get to know the core muscles and learn how to fire them correctly for optimal heath. Note I don’t think I have done crunches in years and don’t intend not to more many more to come.

core 1core-muscles1


In the essences of letting things go, I want you to try letting it go to, let your tummy go stop sucking in all day in the long run in its better for correct core function.

Let go of the serial high heel wearing ladies I am a recovering high heel addict (a post for another day) cut a long story short it creates more problems in your posture and alignment.

Let go of the couch, get out do some  fun things with your family go for a family walk. Get up and move.

Try letting go a little of this modern-day infatuation with social media and all the devices. Don’t get me wrong understand its importance but just don’t make it your focus. Try letting go of Instagram/Facebook for a few day/weeks.

If you follow my Instagram you hear me talk a lot about ‘Loving the skin you’re in’ Try letting go of that annoying voice in your head that urges you to compare yourself to that famous bodybuilding competitor/über fit person you follow that posts a picture daily of their whatever % body fat they have at the time that makes you feel you aren’t going hard enough. Loving yourself is the first step, in reality these guys work damn hard and what you see requires a lot of meticulous planning and preparation and is often not ideal for optimal health. They most likely cannot function at such low body fats for a long period of time. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Instead strive for improvement not perfection, I know you have heard that cheesy line so many times but it’s true. Work your body towards optimal health because most of us aren’t in a competition that will arrive at the end of 12 weeks’ time of vigorous training you’re in that competition called LIFE.



Have a lovely blessed day all.


Mrs Workout







Starting a fitness journey

Mr & Mrs are only human so our nutrition isn’t always 100% tight but when we do get it on point we use some of the below sites and apps to keep us on track. It wouldn’t be feasible for us to do this type of tracking with our meals the whole year round so we use them as guides. If we feel we are going off track we may count/track calories and macros for a week or two to see where we are going wrong.
Adopting a healthy approach and eating balanced meals with a combination  of Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Fruits and Veg in your diet is the best way to stay healthy if you don’t want to track that’s fine it’s not for everyone I can be discouraging and obsessive for some.

Daily Calorie needs calculator

Here is a calculator to find out your basic daily calorie needs. This is just an estimate If your goal is to lose weight subtract 300/500 pounds from the total or add that much on top if yours is to gain.

Calorie Counter App

If you want to track your macros or calories you can use this site and app where you can modify it to your goals. Note***  the app will have pre-set macros to change this go to the desktop site and logo in and change the macro details as you want in settings***

What are Macronutrients

Macronutrients are class of nutrients that provide calories or energy. Nutrients are substances needed for growth, metabolism, and for other body functions. The three main nutrients are Carbs, Protein and Fat people can manipulate these in their diet to get different results.

What Are Macros?

Macro Calculator

“To work out your macros for the day select the calculator that has the percentages that most suit your goals enter your daily calories needs in and voila!

Exercise Library

If your ever feeling lost and your following a program or your just don’t understand how a machine works. Visit this page below keep it in your favourites or download their app and have it direct on your phone.

How Do You Find The Time For Fitness With Kids?

A Mr & Mrs Life Find the time for fitness with kids

This has to be a question that probably goes through every parents mind.  “How do you find the time for fitness with kids?”

It’s one of those questions that has you feeling bad about yourself when you see other parents doing it while you can’t muster up the energy to even begin.

Let’s face it being a parent to young children is tiring/trying/rewarding they need your constant love and attention to survive. You must be thinking how anyone in their right mind can even begin to think about their fitness and health and let’s not forget that pile of dishes that needs washing and the clothes that need folding over there.

Well for me I look at my life in a list of priorities, my children and husband are my first priorities and fitness and health comes a very close second. Why… because these are things that make me feel happy and bring me joy- that may not be the same for everyone. Exercise particularly gives me a boost in energy and mood it gives me that much needed me time, so when I have free time that is what I do, I work on my fitness. I also place importance on rest don’t push the body to do something it absolutely can not do if you are exhausted sometimes a power nap is what you need not 30 mins of high intensity workouts. Rest is part and parcel of my health and fitness regime that is why I don’t workout every single day for me its not necessary for my goals and would place my body under too much stress.

I don’t smoke and don’t drink, rather skip buying the latest shoes and handbag (something in my past I wouldn’t hesitate doing – was a total fashion junkie lol ) or spending lots of money at pubs and bars because at this time in my life I would rather invest in something more worthwhile- my health as it will serve me the longest. So I choose to spend that extra cash on prioritising my health and fitness. Don’t get me wrong every woman loves a bit of retail therapy of course but it doesn’t give the same thrill and benefits as exercising does, well not these days anyway. Well maybe going shopping for workout clothes that’s a good mix.

If fitness is not your priority right now that’s fine but ask yourself this what are your priorities in your life right now, could some of them be re-worked?. Things that you are spending your time and energy on are they nourishing you in the way that you want?

I don’t know anyone EVER who didn’t feel better after a great workout or didn’t enjoy the benefits of eating more healthy, but I bet you can remember the negative effects from some other choices you may have classed a priority before.

This is not me wagging the finger at you, it’s your life and I find the best way to lead it is do it what makes you ‘HAPPY’ for me happy is working out and keeping healthy. What make you happy?

I love this song! 🙂
Try this, it’s very simple and has been done before many times but a great simple task to do.

Make a list of the following things below, give each thing in the list a number out 10.  1 being really not happy with that area in your life, 5 being not bothered either way and 10 being so satisfied you couldn’t be happier how that part in your life is going. You will soon start to see pretty quickly the areas that may need a little focus and areas that you clearly have got a nice grove working. For me fitness is always one because I am constantly setting myself small goals and always want to continue to learn in that area.

  • Personal Growth
  • Spirituality
  • Career/Purpose
  • Relaxation
  • Friends & Family Relationships
  • Fitness & Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Finance

A Mr & Mrs Life Find the time for fitness with kids

So ok….. If you have recognised fitness as one of your priorities but still don’t have a clue how to find the time for fitness with kids.  Well it’s a learning curve and there will never be a hard and fast rule, optimal schedule or a secret trick. In our household we make it work and fit it in when we can. Some of the things we do that helps us.

  • Equipment at home
  • 24/7 gym memberships
  • Workout while the kids sleep
  • Involve the kids
  • Enlist the help of grandparents and sometimes aunties and uncles to sometimes baby sit
  • Tag team our gym workouts after each other
  • Plan the workout in advance to get maximum benefit in a short time frame

A Mr & Mrs Life Find the time for fitness with kids

If it’s important to you, you will find a way

That saying is so true if you really want to do something you will do it and you will do it by any means possible. That was definitely me back in the day when I wanted those awesome pair of heels that I would probably never wear lol. The way to look at finding the time for fitness with kids is not to class them as separate entities make fitness part of your lifestyle and with each day the task of adding it in will not be so daunting it just becomes second nature and something you love to do. Also know that this time in your children’s life where they need you a lot is only for a short period, it won’t always be this difficult to fit it in but it can be achieved. Make sure you involve your loved ones, have all avenues covered so when the opportunity arises you can grab it without both hands /dumbbells. Lol

I would love to hear from you all how do you find the time for fitness with your kids?

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