How Do You Find The Time For Fitness With Kids?

A Mr & Mrs Life Find the time for fitness with kids

This has to be a question that probably goes through every parents mind.  “How do you find the time for fitness with kids?”

It’s one of those questions that has you feeling bad about yourself when you see other parents doing it while you can’t muster up the energy to even begin.

Let’s face it being a parent to young children is tiring/trying/rewarding they need your constant love and attention to survive. You must be thinking how anyone in their right mind can even begin to think about their fitness and health and let’s not forget that pile of dishes that needs washing and the clothes that need folding over there.

Well for me I look at my life in a list of priorities, my children and husband are my first priorities and fitness and health comes a very close second. Why… because these are things that make me feel happy and bring me joy- that may not be the same for everyone. Exercise particularly gives me a boost in energy and mood it gives me that much needed me time, so when I have free time that is what I do, I work on my fitness. I also place importance on rest don’t push the body to do something it absolutely can not do if you are exhausted sometimes a power nap is what you need not 30 mins of high intensity workouts. Rest is part and parcel of my health and fitness regime that is why I don’t workout every single day for me its not necessary for my goals and would place my body under too much stress.

I don’t smoke and don’t drink, rather skip buying the latest shoes and handbag (something in my past I wouldn’t hesitate doing – was a total fashion junkie lol ) or spending lots of money at pubs and bars because at this time in my life I would rather invest in something more worthwhile- my health as it will serve me the longest. So I choose to spend that extra cash on prioritising my health and fitness. Don’t get me wrong every woman loves a bit of retail therapy of course but it doesn’t give the same thrill and benefits as exercising does, well not these days anyway. Well maybe going shopping for workout clothes that’s a good mix.

If fitness is not your priority right now that’s fine but ask yourself this what are your priorities in your life right now, could some of them be re-worked?. Things that you are spending your time and energy on are they nourishing you in the way that you want?

I don’t know anyone EVER who didn’t feel better after a great workout or didn’t enjoy the benefits of eating more healthy, but I bet you can remember the negative effects from some other choices you may have classed a priority before.

This is not me wagging the finger at you, it’s your life and I find the best way to lead it is do it what makes you ‘HAPPY’ for me happy is working out and keeping healthy. What make you happy?

I love this song! 🙂
Try this, it’s very simple and has been done before many times but a great simple task to do.

Make a list of the following things below, give each thing in the list a number out 10.  1 being really not happy with that area in your life, 5 being not bothered either way and 10 being so satisfied you couldn’t be happier how that part in your life is going. You will soon start to see pretty quickly the areas that may need a little focus and areas that you clearly have got a nice grove working. For me fitness is always one because I am constantly setting myself small goals and always want to continue to learn in that area.

  • Personal Growth
  • Spirituality
  • Career/Purpose
  • Relaxation
  • Friends & Family Relationships
  • Fitness & Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Finance

A Mr & Mrs Life Find the time for fitness with kids

So ok….. If you have recognised fitness as one of your priorities but still don’t have a clue how to find the time for fitness with kids.  Well it’s a learning curve and there will never be a hard and fast rule, optimal schedule or a secret trick. In our household we make it work and fit it in when we can. Some of the things we do that helps us.

  • Equipment at home
  • 24/7 gym memberships
  • Workout while the kids sleep
  • Involve the kids
  • Enlist the help of grandparents and sometimes aunties and uncles to sometimes baby sit
  • Tag team our gym workouts after each other
  • Plan the workout in advance to get maximum benefit in a short time frame

A Mr & Mrs Life Find the time for fitness with kids

If it’s important to you, you will find a way

That saying is so true if you really want to do something you will do it and you will do it by any means possible. That was definitely me back in the day when I wanted those awesome pair of heels that I would probably never wear lol. The way to look at finding the time for fitness with kids is not to class them as separate entities make fitness part of your lifestyle and with each day the task of adding it in will not be so daunting it just becomes second nature and something you love to do. Also know that this time in your children’s life where they need you a lot is only for a short period, it won’t always be this difficult to fit it in but it can be achieved. Make sure you involve your loved ones, have all avenues covered so when the opportunity arises you can grab it without both hands /dumbbells. Lol

I would love to hear from you all how do you find the time for fitness with your kids?

Workout While The Kids Sleep


Workout While The Kids Sleep

I am lover of the gym I design my workouts to get maximum benefit whether I be in the gym or at home. If you follow us you will know we are  busy parents of two and you know just like anyone else that sometimes you just can’t make it to the gym so what do you do…. workout while the kids sleep

Lil Mr Workout turned 8 months just over a week ago and has learnt to walk, has cut his two front teeth, recovering from a bout of chicken pox and not quite mastered the fine arts of sleeping through the night. Through all this development he is doing makes for some what of an interesting task  when you are trying to head out for an evening workout, we try plan our workouts in after the kids have gone to bed and we normally tag team alternate days.  I am sure you can imagine all this new development for an 8 month baby means much needed cuddle time with Mummy which calls for me to be close but…. alas I don’t want to have to stop training so while the kids slept Mr Workout and I got our workout on.

Here is my back and active rest workout, great for killing two birds with one stone when you are short for time and want to get your weight training done and cardio in for that day great for fat loss and working on sculpting those muscles and great workout while the kids sleep.

Make sure you warm up nicely to get the body warm and get the blood pumping to the muscles add in some dynamic stretches and pay close attention to the muscles you will be working.  Always make sure you do the  resistance move before the plyometric/ cardio move this way you can ensure  you put maxim effort in your lift.  If you don’t have a bosu ball that’s fine you can do body weight ( sssshh a secret  mine isn’t a bosu ball its actually a cheaper version I found from Amazon UK works just as well ) I am also using a Lerbert Equalizer as  a safer option as  a pull up variation  due to me having hernia surgery a few months back. You can make a make shift one but please ensure its stable. Or use a a resistance band on a pull up bar to assist you, Rubber Banditz its a great company but  there are loads if you search on Amazon or you can ask your partner to help you. If you are really feeling beast-mode use the pull up bar all on its own. ( Mentally high fiving you right now)  For the resistance/weight training moves I am using my York Fitness dial select dumbbells, you can use resistance bands? kettle bells, heavy water bottles or anything that will provide you resistance and be a challenge for you.

Each move I  did 4 sets 15 reps with no breaks in between the paired exercises after each set rest for 30  to 60 seconds.

Note…As you  see in the video I shouted ‘ I can row this!!!’ I surprised myself with a weight I didn’t think I could do for 15 reps so don’t forget to challenge yourself ( whilst being safe of course)

Inverted row ( Great regression for pull ups)

  • With feet on the stability dome ( This provides some extra instability to increase the intensity)
  • Grab hold of the bars and pull yourself up
  • Neutral spine as as always

Note: You can  use a pull up bar and just do assisted squat

Stability dome squat

  • Dome side down careful get on, use something to help you balance if needed
  • Arms out in form for balance thumb sups if you like as I have done it will help you activate your back to help squat
  • Upper thighs parallel to the ground as you sit back into the squat
  • Knees behind  toes
  • Back straight with a slight curve in lower spine
  • Chest up and  neutral spine
  • As you drive back up push the weight though your heels

Note: You can do a standard body weight squat if you like

Do each exercise after each other  rest and repeat till your sets are done

Double dumbbell arm row

This is a slight variation on a double arm row with a longer reach

  • Neutral spine- head and spine in alignment.
  • Bending at the waist
  • Draw the weight towards  your torso bending at the elbow keeping the upper arm parallel to floor
  • Don’t forget to breath out as you bring the weight up

Lunge  jump squat

  • Jumping one foot forward and the other back with a  bend in the knee
  • The forward  foot having knees behind toes
  • Spring back up bringing the feet to middle
  • Jumping out in to a low squat knees

Do each exercise after each other  rest and repeat till your sets are done

Single arm row

  • Neutral spine- head and spine in alignment.
  • Bending at the waist
  • Draw the weight towards  your torso bending at the elbow keeping the upper arm parallel to floor
  • Don’t forget to breath out as you bring the weight up
  • I have rested my hand on the equalizer for added stability but you can use a  hair or a bench if you have it

1 Leg on bosu  ball squat jump with

  • 1 leg in the stability dome and one on the ground explode off the ground as  you would normally do a jump squat
  • The upper legs should be parallel to the ground to get maximum benefit.
  • Ensure you knees are behind the toes.
  • When returning to the ground make sure those knees have  a soft bend
  • Put those hand out in from of you stabilise yourself it will also help for momentum

Do one arm and one leg  rest and do the other side.


  • With a  slight bend in the the knees, hips back and back straight.
  • Keeping your back and arms completely straight at all times
  • Use your hips to lift the dumbbell as you breath out

Squat jump on stability dome

  • Stability dome  facing up
  • Feet either side of the the dome jump up on to the dome
  • Soft bend in the knees as land in the middle of the dome
  • Push of the centre of the dome returning feet either side of the dome

Do each exercise after each other  rest and repeat till your sets are done

A great workout for your back and some cardio which will have the legs burning the kids were asleep so it made it at an extra challenge to keep the  jumps light footed lol try it out and let me know what you think, workout while the kids sleep;)

Why am I not achieving my fitness goals?

Why am I not achieving my goals? Why am I not seeing results?
Many people ask us this its simple folks!
Get Smart Eat Smart Train Smart  Be Consistent/commit
If you aren’t getting to where you want to be it could be one of  these factors or more are off kilter.

GET SMART That fad diet where you eat just cabbage or just drink shakes and no food or cutting carbs out of your life forever isn’t going to work long term. What happens when you finish the diet or you can’t afford to continue? Guess what, you stop progressing or even start to regress! A simple healthy balanced diet is what you need, one you can be consistent with and manage that’s why it’s called a lifestyle change.

Don’t blame your workout if your going home and under eating the body is designed to hold on to fat it’s main function is to want to survive and live and look after its internal organs. Losing weight and gaining muscle is low in the list of priorities for your body so  EAT SMART learn what your body needs. Same with over eating don’t think because you go beast-mode in the gym and eat whatever you want going way over your caloric intake and eating unhealthy foods that good results will still happen, it just isn’t going to.

Now if your diet is on lock, don’t think you can go gym one day a week and train max effort and all your results will come.TRAIN SMART you’ve got to put in real work. If your workout isn’t designed to get the results you want it’s not going to happen folks. Same goes for over training in the gym 7 days a week twice a day, this it isn’t going to cut it either if your not fuelling your body you will just end up tired, weak and in some cases sick because your body just can’t cope. A well balanced program with resistance training, cardio and flexibility training designed to help you reach goals is the way to go.

Now ‘sometimes’ some people can get food and training right but they still not getting there. BE CONSISTENT and COMMIT Choose a goal and set a plan to it and make it realistic and something that you can commit to stop starting and stopping with your healthy eating, stop changing your program stick with one to the end, consistency will get you results. Don’t go out and rush and buy a crazy insanity workout if you can’t even do a simply workout yet GET SMART  EAT SMART  TRAIN SMART be CONSISTENT/COMMIT.

We are all human and we fail. It’s how you deal with failure that counts. We personally often fall In this last category. But we are real with ourselves and so should you be. ‘Don’t be upset with the results you get with the work you didn’t do’

**** note If you feel you have all the areas covered and your still having issues perhaps speak to your health care provider or nutritionist you could have a deeper issue one example being metabolic damage