Pregnancy Ab exercises

AB exercises

This is how I work my Ab’s during pregnancy need to remember to do it more often, before pregnancy I rarely worked hard on my abs anyway tried to focus on nutrition and more core strengthening exercises no big crunching the more research I did on Diastasis Recti the more I found out traditional ab exercises make the mummy pouch as the call it stick out more so avoid like the plague.

Pictured are Leg slides, belly breathing technique, and the bottom pic is belly breathing whilst holding your tummy to help lessen the ab separation. 

Draw your tummy button in towards your spine whilst breathing normally as your core gets stronger you can do this for longer and longer I sometimes do it through the day without even noticing. Use this anytime through the day bending over picking up your kids house work it helps correct your posture to.

Notice how much smaller my tummy looks when its drawn in, my stretch marks are form my first pregnancy so far haven’t received any new ones I wear them with pride though. I have been using Mama mio cream and oil.
AB seperatation

Is it safe to use protein powder during pregnancy?

 Look at it this way protein powder is just food in a supplement form its quite safe however note some contain many additives and things you just don’t really want to add to your diet unnecessarily. I personally use MRM as its an all natural whey and its free from additives and is very low in calories etc I’m not sponsored by them its just what I like to use.  

Where possible its always best to get your protein intake from wholefoods I only use the shakes for before and after workout. Many women find it a life saver during morning sickness because they can’t keep foods down.

Most women who workout whilst pregnant take some kind of protein shake or maybe opt for a more friendly option like vegan kinds. When selecting a protein shake please read the labelling and research all the ingredients.

General rule for clean eating is if you can’t pronounce the ingredients don’t buy it and the fewer the ingredients the better. 

Please talk to a nutritionist or your doctor if your really unsure and want to double check as you may have special dietary needs and you may have intolerance to certain ingredients.


Mrs- Is My Body the Correct PH Level?….Confused face

On my journey on the road to health and fitness I have come across many things I didn’t know before.

Last week I stumbled along my latest find that I really was not aware of.

Through trying to Eat Clean I had inadvertently caused some new problems by not eating a balanced diet.

How can that be I thought I’m eating the right macro nutrients of carbs/protien/fats how could I be getting this wrong.

Well I was! Obviously in addition to those three essential nutrients I was also adding my fruit and vegetables but not nearly enough.

By eating too much of these and not balancing it out correctly with vegetables etc I caused my body to become too acidic and this came out in my body in the form of being overly tired headaches, shooting/ache feeling in my leg and a small mouth ulcer. At first I thought it was possible a reaction to reducing my sugar intake or lack of iron but someone highlighted to me that it was clear to see that my body was far too acidic and I needed to get it back to the right PH by eating alkaline foods.

I quickly  purchased some PH testing strips which were fairly cheap and checked out the list below to see how I could change this.

Why is it bad for your body to be too acidic?

All of us strive for balance in our daily lives, our emotions, our habits-and yet balance can be difficult to achieve in the modern world. The same is true with the biochemical system in our bodies. Just like every other carbon based life form on the planet, the human bloodstream maintains a PH (potential hydrogen)balance. We like to be slightly alkaline, with a PH of 7-7.5 optimally.
What does this have to do, you ask, with our diet? Well, what we eat intimately effects the acid-alkaline balance in our bodies. This has been known since at least the 1930’s. Unfortunately, our modern diet, high in very acidic foods like meat, white flour, sugar, soft drinks and coffee, not to mention extremely acidic substances like prescription medications and artificial sweeteners, has changed the PH balance of most of our bodies, the results of which, many naturopaths and nutritionists believe, can be seen in higher than average amounts of cancer, chronic yeast infections, diabetes, poor digestion,depression, impaired immunity, joint pain, osteoporosis, weight gain, and even heart disease. Think about it— acid is not healthy for most living things, it tends to eat through things quickly. In our bodies acid leaches minerals from our bones and organs by reducing our inherent buffering system, it kills digestive enzymes in our small intestines, screwing up our metabolic processes, and it increases free radical growth leading to an increase in cancer cells.


Now I’m not suggesting everyone go out and purchase PH testing strips or to be really worried but it is a message to encourage you to eat a more REAL balanced diet not doing so can cause unnecessary problems which can easily be avoided .  Why not check the food list below and see if the majority of your diet is in the acidic group or alkaline.

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